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For those about to rock, we salute you. For the rest of you that are preparing for yet another annual financial statement audit, you know that it will probably be a while before you get a chance to cut loose. After all, it’s the same thing every year. Piles of e-mails flooding your inbox, new audit staff to “train” about your business, lack of clarity regarding task responsibilities, and constantly moving estimated completion dates. You don’t even have enough time to perform your regular duties, much less prepare for an audit. You already know the result. . .high stress and lots of overtime for you and your staff.

You’ve accepted it, after all, it’s inevitable. Audit season is one of those times to survive, not thrive. It just has to be that way. Or does it?

What if

  • There was an audit firm that had a better way?
  • There was an audit firm that was dedicated to getting the job done on time, getting it done correctly, and constantly improving the audit experience for their clients?
  • It was all organized and updated in real-time at your fingertips?

That firm does exist. Welcome to Culver, a firm that combines decades of traditional audit experience with a commitment to the newest in audit management, document exchange, workflow, and communication technologies. The end result is a synergy that equates less time and less stress for you and your financial reporting team, a true value-added relationship that benefits your organization, and who knows- maybe even time for a rock concert during audit season.

Give us half an hour of your time and we’ll show you how we can deliver for you. You owe it to yourself and your staff.

Our audit and attestation services provide sound insight on financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting. Determining the particular service needed is established by the level of assurance required of your financial statements. Our attestation services are performed in accordance with all applicable professional standards. We adhere to the highest principles of technical accuracy, proficiency and ethical practice, and have historically conformed to the requirements of professional standards.

Third parties relying on your financial statements often require an audit or review for assurance. If you find yourself in this position, let us discuss our ability to meet your needs.

  • Audit—Offering the highest level of assurance, after careful examination, we offer our opinion on your financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting.
  • Review—This type of engagement offers limited assurance of the business’s financial statements and requires inquiries of client management and analytical procedures.
  • Compilations—A compilation entails obtaining information from your staff and placing it in the form of financial statements, without expressing an opinion or assurance on them.