Audit services for nonprofits

One of our primary passions at Culver, PLLC is to help facilitate and deliver audited financial statements to many nonprofit Organizations in the Memphis community. Our team members combined have more than 20 years of nonprofit audit experience and continue to be students not only of the technical aspects of nonprofit accounting but also to manage projects effectively and efficiently from commencement to completion in a timely, seamless, and non-stressful way for our clients.

Especially for smaller nonprofit organizations in the Memphis community, we have seen the issues faced by nonprofit organizations many times over and know the drill very well. Our peers – other accounting firms – all say and do the same things. While they are often quick to acknowledge the issues their clients complain about, it is rare that true, meaningful actions ever take place. Typical accounting firms make a habit out of overpromising yet underdelivering. Nearly every year, the clients of most firms face significant issues related to the almost continual turnover of key staff as well as a failure of firm’s management to adequate plan and prepare for audits for which they have been commissioned. It is a difficult habit for firms to break, however, this seemingly endless cycle results in drifting and meandering projects that drain organizations and their personnel of resources in a myriad of ways – such as high fees, endless requests, ambiguous responsibilities, countless e-mails, and a delivery – if it is on time at all – that always seems to come at the last possible moment. Unfortunately, that is the standard in the audit industry – and the ultimate result is high-stress and high fees for clients. In our view, however, that standard is simply unacceptable. There can be another way and Culver, PLLC is here to provide you with that opportunity.

With Culver, PLLC as your auditor, your nonprofit organization will enjoy several distinct advantages due to the unique approach we take both in interacting with our clients and with financial management processes as a whole. We call this approach AuditNext and it represents a fully-integrated approach to preparing, planning, and administering audits through a combination of our people, our systems, and our processes.

If your nonprofit organization spend greater than $750,000 in federal grant awards and/or your nonprofit organization received gross revenues greater than $500,000 thus requiring audited financial statements to be compliant with state and federal rules and regulations, we would love an opportunity to present our AuditNext approach in more detail! You are passionate in your nonprofit organization’s cause – and you need an accounting firm that not only shares your passion for your core mission, but also understands the nuances and complexities of accounting/auditing for nonprofit entities. We are that firm – and we look forward to service your cause!

Four volunteer workers at a nonprofit organization