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Letter from our firm

Office Open (by Appointment) & SBA Loans

We have a couple of important updates for today regarding the status of our office as well as SBA Loan initiatives for small businesses.

We Are Open (but Please Call Ahead)

Public accounting firms have been deemed "essential" by the State of Tennessee. As a result of this, we have opened the office but only on a limited basis in order to protect our staff. In order to maintain social distancing in the effort to protect our staff, we ask that you call ahead if you will be dropping off tax documents or other information. In addition, our staffing at the office will be limited in order to keep our maintain appropriate social distance for our staff. Our remaining professional staff will be working remotely. In addition, the office will be open, on an appointment basis, from 9:00am to 3:30pm from Monday thru Friday. We plan to continue this as needed until things improve. If you have documents (tax or otherwise) to drop by, please call our office at 901-466-9797 to let our on-site staff know that you will be dropping by. We'd like to remind you that you may find it safer and more convenient to transmit your information to us electronically thru one of the following methods:

1. Transmit the information electronically to us via Liscio (if you have not used Liscio before now, you may send a request to in order for us to set you up).

2. E-mail us (only for non-sensitive documents)

If you need to drop off your tax documents, please see the "Tax Return Drop-off Instructions" (listed below) that we have implemented to ensure the safety of you as well as our staff.

Tax Return Drop-off Instructions (Until Further Notice)
We have implemented the following instructions for the drop-off of tax return documents until further notice- these are posted in the office at the reception desk and blank copies of all documents will be available if you need one.

1. You will be asked to put your name on a processing sheet (purple).

2. You will be asked to sign an engagement letter (if you have not already done so with your organizer).

3. You will need to verify your bank account information (either verify the bank information in your organizer or fill out a provided bank information sheet.

4. You will need to bind together the above-mentioned forms with a large rubber band.

5. You will need to put any used pens in a separate cup (in order to be sterilized).

IMPORTANT: All tax documents that you drop off at our office will not be handled immediately. We will wait an appropriate amount of time, based on CDC guidance, before handling your documents.

SBA Loans Including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Interruption Disaster Loan (EDIL)

We have previously held two virtual events to help provide information to our small business clients. Both of these events have been posted to our YouTube channel (Culver CPA). We are asking any small business owners who may not have been able to attend or view the last event to go ahead and do so by watching the recording of last Thursday's webinar on YouTube. The direct link to that webinar can be found here:

SBA Loan Application Webinar

We are currently encouraging our small business clients to take immediate action based on the content in the webinar linked above. For the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), we encourage you to get in touch with your lender if you have not already done so or to find a lender if you do not already have one. We are further encouraging you to take action based on this information and to follow your lender's instructions with regard to PPP. If you are unable to apply for the EDIL or meet your lender's requirements with regard to PPP, we can assist you with these items, however, these are separate engagements with separate fees. We believe that most of you will be able to pursue these programs with minimal assistance from us but please contact us if you find this is not the case for you and your business.

With regard to these programs, everyone's situation appears to be different and, be forewarned, regulatory requirements have been changing a great deal and we expect that to continue somewhat in the near term. Once again, however, if you have any questions, please just let us know!

Thank you for doing business with us.

Culver CPA